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Advantages of fiberglass windows


Fiberglass is the best insulating material made into windows today. It is made from a simple polymer that is reinforced with thin strands of pulled glass. Air is trapped inside, and it makes for the best insulation of any window type. It also will not conduct heat or cold, so that its temperature should be neutral to the touch. Fiberglass is suitable for any climactic area and any temperature.

Strength and Durability

  • Fiberglass, unlike vinyl, wood and metal will not warp, crack, rot or bow. It's high tensile strength resists warping and twisting.
  • Fiberglass expands and contracts at similar rate as glass. This means there is less stress between the glass and frame which gives them a better fit, reduces air leakage and provides stability over temperature extremes. It is an extremely durable substance and will not succumb to temperature swings, moisture, structural damage or other types of abuse.
  • Fiberglass is inherently chemical-resistant: stands up to corrosive effects of salt, chemicals and atmospheric pollutants: Good for seacoast or industrial environments.
  • It has a high resistance to deterioration: resist to UV rays, moisture, rot, oxidation and rust, insects and woodpeckers.
  • The window apart from the glass will require almost ZERO maintenance


The structure and nature of fiberglass windows is such that while being an excellent temperature insulator, it is also a great sound insulator. This means that with your windows closed and the appropriate glass in place, you will not be subjected to loud sounds outside your home.


Because the insulation of fiberglass is so effective, and because the temperature outside will not warm or cool the actual fiberglass in the window itself, excess condensation will not form in your home in any weather.


  • Unlike, vinyl, for a custom look, pultruded fiberglass windows can be painted to match your exterior interior paint or painted at the factory with a baked-on finish that won't peel.
  • Gives you the aesthetic look of a wood window with the durability of fiberglass. Not "plastic" like some vinyl framed windows.
  • The profile of a fiberglass window is much narrower than vinyl or wood framed windows. This provides more glass area giving your home better views and more natural light.
  • The strength of fiberglass enables homeowners the ability to design large window units with thinner frames without reinforcing. This is especially help full with large projects such as sun rooms and other glass enclosures.

Energy Costs

For all these reasons and more, the most important benefit you will gain from having fiberglass windows is the savings from your energy bills. It is estimated that on average, the difference in energy costs between fiberglass windows and any other type of window is 20 - 40%. Find out more about how fiberglass is energy-efficient.

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